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Watch: A$AP Rocky ‘D.M.B’ Visuals

Father-to-be Asap Rocky brought the internet to a standstill yesterday when his visuals for D.M.B single were released. Currently, sitting on 2.6 million views in just 16 hours, the one thing that caught everyone’s attention, wooed them to watch these visuals was Rihanna, I mean who wouldn’t?

The video opens up with the pretty muthaf*cker himself looking suave as usual, draped in a black suit paired with black Versace shades and diamond studs. A couple of seconds along the video, at 0:35 to be precise, we get to see Miss Roybn Fenty looking ravishing as per usual. Throughout the video, we get to see more of the fashion killa pair together.

One thing that is known about Rocky besides his good looks is how clean & stellar his music videos always are and it was no exception for D.M.B., the styling, the direction of photography and editing were on point. Of course, I won’t wrap up this article without mentioning the proposal, if you don’t know what I am talking about, check the video below.

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