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Tyson Sybateli Announces Release Date For “HOME”

Tyson Sybateli just announced that his upcoming album will be dropping on the 27th of May. The Pretoria rapper has released 3 singles from the HOME, namely, “If Found, Bring Home”, Featuring Jay Jody, “Homecoming”, Featuring Una Rams and “Heaven’s Gate”, Featuring Francis Jay. 

Tyson Sybateli has put an incredible amount of effort into crafting a narrative around HOME by giving us glimpses of his story through coordinated imagery, storytelling through his raps and content pieces. He shared the last piece of the puzzle on his website, which reads, “YOU CAN INSERT SOME VAGUE DESCRIPTION OF WHAT A HOME IS AND HOW WE ALL TRY FIND OURSELVES IN IT, THAT’S EASY. HEARING SOMEBODY ELSE’S APPROACH AND TRAIN OF THOUGHT DEFINING THAT FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR COMMUNITY FOR A FEW MINUTES IS EVEN EASIER. TYSON SYBATELI MAKES HEARING YOUR UNCOMFORTABLE THOUGHTS FUN WHILE SPRINKLING HUMOR IN BETWEEN SOME GENRE HOPPING SONGS ABOUT HIS LIFE ON HIS LATEST OFFERING HOME. “

There is always a story behind the music and I want to tell it. My taste in music hovers somewhere between alternative Hip Hop and R&B from the African diaspora. Follow me everywhere @lesiba__ for commentary and reviews.

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