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Trevor Stuurman “A Place Called Home” Exhibition At Botho Project Space

photography source: Twitter(@trevorstuurman)

Kimberley-born and award winning contemporary multimedia visual artist, Trevor Stuurman is about to have his first ever solo exhibition that is going to be curated by Botho Project Space from the 20th of May 2022 until the 19th of June 2022. The exhibition is titled, “A Place Called Home” and it is going to be narrated through Trevor’s visual lenses. This exhibition is delineated as an expression of home which is a concept close to Trevor’s heart.

Home is the place where we surrender to our vulnerability. A space meant for people to be moulded and ultimately thrive in. It’s where humans discover their own version of comfort, solace and meaning. Home is a place where one is known. Home is also the centre point that allows us to navigate the world. Nervous, excited and most importantly honored to share my exhibition, A Place Called Home.

Trevor Stuurman

Trevor is an individual that enjoys taking photographs of black people in elevated positions while they are stylized and re-imagined because in the books of history black people don’t exist in those spaces, where we are elevated, celebrated and shown in the highest form of excellence. He also believes that for the longest time Africans were told who they are, but now we can write our own history in real time and share our own stories.

My motto in life is to, create and explore.

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