Tokyo James Fuses European Styling & African Design

There is a narrative around being African. Africans are expected to express their ‘Africaness’ through the West’s lens. African creatives aren’t given the freedom to branch out and explore different avenues. Tokyo James is one artist that is breaking the mould of African expression through his eponymous luxury fashion brand.

source: vogue.com

Nigerian – British designer Tokyo James brings together European styling and African design to bring bespoke pieces to life. Saville Row tailoring and high-quality garments are the values that make Tokyo James the brand what it is.

“There is a beauty in balance and as a brand we are rooted in the philosophy of aiming to push the boundaries of tailoring by manipulating its core principles,” James says. “We combine techniques used in European tailoring and mix them with African techniques to create something new and fresh.”

– Tokyo James for Vogue

The young designer has come a long way since debuting his work in 2015 at South African Menswear Week.

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