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Moonga K Releases New Single “up”

Zambian born, Botswana raised and Cape Town based artist Moonga K has released his new single titled “up”. The song sees him deliver his trademark funk-soul brand of R&B. The sporadic trumpets on the production give the song a cinematic feel and Moonga K’s bright vocals match the production’s scenery. Staying in line with the song’s mood and feel, Moonga K sings about positivity with a grandeur that is impossible to deny. “up” is the first single from Moonga K’s upcoming capsule project titled IV, which is set to be released on the 22nd of July.

i wrote this song for the people that keep fighting to hold onto the light. even when life’s a shit show, we must keep moving forward. our only goal should be to keep going UP!

There is always a story behind the music and I want to tell it. My taste in music hovers somewhere between alternative Hip Hop and R&B from the African diaspora. Follow me everywhere @lesiba__ for commentary and reviews.

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