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Mashbeatz, Thato Saul & Maglera Doe Boy Tease Upcoming Single

Credits: @mashbeatz_twc, @thatosaul_ & @scocomadeinza

Maglera Doe Boy, Thato Saul and Mashbeatz have all taken to social media to share a snippet of a single that is dropping tomorrow. The 23-second long snippet gave us a glimpse into Thato Saul’s verse on the unnamed single. With the pairing of Maglera Doe Boy and Thato Saul, we’re looking at having a potential street classic on our hands.

The single will be the second offering of the year from Thato Saul following his “RIP FAT CAT” SIngle and Maglera Doe Boy’s second offering of the year following his single, “Goni”. Check out the snippet of the song below.

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