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Listen: Wanda Lephoto’s ‘Africa Month’ Playlist For Apple Music.

photography credit: Andile Buka

Wanda Lephoto, a designer and creative director of his self-titled high-end streetwear brand and member of the Sartists, curated an Africa month playlist for Apple Music. The main purpose of this according to Apple Music is to celebrate the many wonderful aspects of the continent, we asked a group of visionary musicians and creative minds to define what Africa means to them. “Africa is the spirit in which the world we live is guided in,” South African fashion designer Wanda Lephoto tells Apple Music. Celebrating cultural fusion through his eponymous label, Lephoto’s mission is to create new, more inclusive spaces for identity and representation, and to allow the underrepresented to share their stories. Here, he’s assembled a cross-section of African hits that align with his vision.

Listen to this 2 hours 10 minutes playlist with a total of 25 songs in celebration of Africa month below:

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