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Discover fluid, future-forward comfort with New Ozworld Collection

“A testament of self expression, see a different reflection of yourself.”

Adidas, Ozworld.

Adidas first launched on Ozworld digital metaverse experience a month ago, followed by the launch of the sneaker which is a part of the new Ozworld series that is made up of new takes of the Adidas Ozweego and Ozelia as well as two new silhouettes that were launched, Oznova and Ozweego Meta.

Now, Adidas South Africa is working on the Ozworld campaign while also introducing the Ozweego collection with the help of “fashionable multimedia entrepreneur” Pamela Mtanga; model and fashion designer, Zol Freckles; recording artist, Shekhinah and fashion connoisseur, Lesego Mtsolongo.

The campaign’s biggest emphasis is self-expression and freeing yourself from labels and living a life without limitations.

“The new age of originality is here. Free of labels. Fully inclusive. Unbound by the limitations of real life”

Adidas, Ozworld.

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