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aifheli Releases “Thaedzo” Single

aifheli is one of the most promising talents in the contemporary R&B space in South Africa. Today, he released a single titled “Thaedzo”, which translates into “Problem” in aifheli’s native language of Tshivenda. The single sees aifheli dive deeper into the alternative end of the spectrum, with the production having very little in the way of elements found in popular music. Instead, the song is constructed of live instruments like African drums, jazz-esque strings, and warped synths. aifheli’s melodies are purposefully slightly off from the main tempo of the song and give “Thaedzo” a unique groove.

There is always a story behind the music and I want to tell it. My taste in music hovers somewhere between alternative Hip Hop and R&B from the African diaspora. Follow me everywhere @lesiba__ for commentary and reviews.

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